• 2600 Grand Ave
  • Carthage, MO 64836
  • (417) 358-1070

The Carthage YMCA was originally formed in 1890 and was located on the second floor of what is now Café 311. In 1909 the first Y facility was opened on Main Street, just past the High School, near downtown Carthage. The Y served our citizens from 1890 until 1968 when it closed. Then, in 1990-1992 a group of dedicated community leaders came together and raised funds to build a new YMCA, which opened in 1993.

The new Y is located at 2600 S. Grand Avenue and is now called the Fair Acres Family YMCA, which got its name from the Fair Acres Nursing Home located near the same location where the current Y is located. For 93 years the YMCA has addressed the needs of our community and surrounding areas.

The YMCA has grown and changed with the times, providing services and solutions to community problems that impact the population. Financial assistance, teaching children to swim, youth basketball, flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, teen leadership programs and after school child care are just some of the ways the Y provides for the community.


Collectively the YMCA is largest not-for-profit service organization in America. YMCAs are at the heart of community life in neighborhoods and towns across the nation. The Y works to meet the health and social needs of more than 20 million men, women and children from all socioeconomic levels.

Each YMCA is a charitable not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) agency under the U.S. Tax Code. Each is independent. YMCAs are required by the national constitution to pay annual dues, to refrain from discrimination and to support the YMCA mission. All other decisions are local choices, including programs offered, staffing and style of operation. The national office, called YMCA of the USA, is headquartered in Chicago with more than 340 employees who serve member associations.

YMCAs are at work in 120 countries around the world, serving more than 45 million people. Some 230 local U.S. Ys maintain more than 370 relationships with Ys in other countries, operate international programs and/or contribute to YMCA work worldwide through the YMCA World Service campaign. Like other national YMCA movements, the YMCA of the USA is a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland .

YMCAs have played a significant role in the history of America . YMCAs invented basketball, volleyball and racquetball, and pioneered camping, adult night school, physical fitness and swimming lessons. YMCAs helped found the USO, Toastmasters, Boy Scouts of America and Camp Fire Girls. YMCA volunteers provided support and services to millions of soldiers in many major wars, including the Civil War, World War I and World War II. The YMCA also helped start one of country’s national holidays: Father’s Day. In 2001, the YMCA celebrated its first 150 years in America .