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  • Carthage, MO 64836
  • (417) 358-1070

I. Mission Statement

YMCA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

II. Adult Health and Fitness Vision

Because inactivity has become the most preventable cause of premature death in the United States, it is our vision to make YMCA health and fitness memberships available to everyone in our community. YMCA health and fitness membership improves the wellness of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, in a welcoming environment that provides quality equipment, programs, and service.

Memberships in YMCA health and fitness programs are designed to meet different peoples\' needs of cardiovascular health, strength training, weight loss, stress reduction and education, while meeting the expectations of the highest quality and value. The Fair Acres Family YMCA serves people and families of all ages, income levels, and physical condition with emphasis on responsibility and self-improvement.

III. Policy of Nondiscrimination

It is the policy of the YMCA to make membership available to all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or financial circumstances without discrimination.

IV. Membership Privileges and Conditions

YMCA policy outlined within this document applies to all memberships. Other privileges and limitations of YMCA membership may be established, but cannot conflict with policies herein.

1. Age Categories

Youth: 0-18 years
Young Adult: 19-23 years
Adult: 24-54 years
Senior Adult: 55+ years
Senior Couple: both 55+ years
Family: Yourself, spouse, and any children under the age of 23 who are income tax dependents.


2. Continuity of Membership

  • Members shall be encouraged to regard membership in the YMCA as a continuing relationship to be terminated only by resignation of the member or the action of the governing body.

3. Membership Policies

  • Memberships and joiner’s fees are non-refundable. The membership office must have a 30-day written notice prior to the draft date to either stop the payment or to change account information. Termination forms are available at the front desk. There is a $25.00 service charge imposed by Ecash Flow, our Collections Agency, in addition to any bank service charge, for any bank draft returned unpaid. The second returned draft will result in termination of the membership and the draft payment will no longer be an option for the member.
  • The Y will asses a $20 handling fee, in addition to any bank charges, for any returned check or declined credit card.
  • ID cards will be issued to all members. If a card is lost or stolen, there will be a $5.00 replacement fee. Each member must show their membership card upon entering the facility and when paying for programs. If you do not have your membership card, you must present a picture ID for admittance to the facility. Your membership will be suspended for allowing unauthorized individuals use of your membership card or for allowing unauthorized individuals use of the adult locker area.
  • Guest Passes: We encourage members to invite friends to the Y. Guests must check in with service desk. The guest pass for a family is $15.50, for adults is $8 and the guest pass for children is $5. Guests and members who abuse the guest pass policy will no longer be able to visit the Y.

4. General Policies

  • The Y does not provide formal supervision of children. For your child’s safety, any child under 11 years of age may use the Y only when a parent is present in the facility.
  • For your well-being, NO smoking or use of tobacco products of any type is allowed in the building or on Y property.
  • Action, activities or language that is disrespectful to others or abusive of Y facilities is not tolerated. Youth and Adults unmindful of others will be counseled and appropriate action will be taken.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, the Fair Acres Family Y does not allow any potentially dangerous items to be brought onto the property. Possession or use of firearms and other dangerous weapons on Y grounds is strictly prohibited. Fair Acres Family Y property includes all buildings and surrounding areas, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and vehicles.
  • Improper sexual behavior will not be tolerated. Membership will be terminated.
  • Food or drinks are allowed in the designated areas only.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed in the facility or on Y property.
  • In an emergency situation, staff will attempt to locate a member if member needs to be contacted.
  • Video recorders, cameras or any other visual recording devices are not allowed within the facility without the express written consent of the Executive Director or other management staff. Some cellular phones now have the capacity to take pictures, so be aware if someone has one pointed in your direction. Anyone caught taking pictures of another person without their permission and knowledge will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by the Fair Acres Family Y and will lead to the termination of their membership.
  • Gym and pool schedules are available on a monthly basis. Times are subject to change.
  • Workout attire should meet the modesty standards of a Christian environment.
  • Members are asked to please observe facility closing times and be prepared to leave promptly at that time.
  • Heels: No heels are to be worn inside the Y. They scratch tile and other surfaces. Youth wearing heels will be asked to leave.

5. Registration Guidelines

  • Fees must be paid in full before the first class. If minimum registration is not met, the class will be rescheduled. Participation in class will not be allowed unless fees are paid.
  • Non-transferable refunds are issued only if a program is cancelled or if a medically verified illness prohibits participation. Credit will not be issued for classes not attended. Make-up sessions for these classes are scheduled by the program director for these programs. Member rates for classes or programs apply to Fair Acres Family Y members only. Members of other YMCAs are subject to the non-member rate. Non-members may take part in classes/programs on a daily basis for a $8.00 per class, per day fee, subject to class availability.
  • Whenever Carthage R-9 schools are cancelled due to inclement weather, the Fair Acres Family Y will not hold any classes.

6. Weight Room/ Cardio Center Guidelines

  • No Children under the age of twelve (12) allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • Youth members twelve (12) through fourteen (14) can use the Fitness Center only after an orientation must be accompanied by parent.
  • No one under the age of thirteen (13) allowed in the Free-Weight Area.
  • Daily Guests under the age of eighteen (18) are not allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • No one under the age of seventeen (17) allowed on spinning bikes.
  • It is recommended that all members have a fitness orientation before starting to work out in the Fitness Center.
  • The following times are peak times and members eighteen (18) and over will be given top priority on equipment usage: Mon-Thur 4:30 pm –7:30 pm
  • All members fourteen (14) – seventeen (17) are required to go through a fitness orientation before using any equipment in the Fee-Weight Area.
  • Members fourteen (14) - seventeen (17) are only allowed in the Free-Weight Area M - F 3:30-4:30.
  • Shirt and closed toe shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No food or drink is allowed. Water bottles with secure lids are acceptable.
  • DO NOT drop weight plates or weights!!
  • Use of foul language, disruptive behavior or horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • DO NOT bring valuables into Fitness Center.

7. Gymnasium Guidelines

  • No food or drink allowed in the gym.
  • No hanging on rims or grabbing of nets.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the gym except for scheduled youth practices or scheduled youth games.
  • Appropriate attire required in gym, including shirt, shorts, gym shoes.
  • No black soled shoes that cause marks on the floor will be allowed in the gym.
  • No skates or skateboards allowed.
  • Gym is for member use and paying guests only. Any other organized activities must be scheduled with staff.

8. Pool Guidelines

  • Children under the age of 9 cannot be in the pool without a parent or guardian present in the pool area.
  • Flotation devices are allowed if used properly and if space allows. Please check with the lifeguard before entering the pool. Children using any flotation device must remain in the shallow end of the pool.
  • No gum, food or drink allowed in the pool area.
  • No diving allowed.
  • No t-shirts or cut-offs are allowed in the pool. Swim attire must be similar to swimsuit material.
  • No running, pushing, dunking, splashing or horseplay allowed.
  • Swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool.
  • Swim diapers are required for children who are not toilet trained.

9. Sauna Guidelines

  • For your safety, it is advised that you should limit time in the sauna to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Individuals at high risk (pregnant women, individuals taking prescription medicine, those with elevated or low blood pressure, circulatory deficiencies, diabetes, heart disease, emotional disorders or history of seizures or epileptic seizures) should not use these facilities unless authorized by a physician.
  • Please wait at least five minutes after exercising to cool down or until sweating has subsided before using the sauna.
  • You must shower prior to entering any of these facilities.
  • Children under the age of 17 may not use the sauna.
  • No use of lotions, creams or oils is permitted in the sauna.

10. Racquetball Guidelines

  • The Y has 2 racquetball courts available for members at no charge. Reservations will be accepted from Fair Acres Family Y members only. Courts may be reserved for racquetball/walleyball only.
  • Courts may not be reserved more than 24 hours in advance. Members must reserve their own court; you may not reserve a court for another member.
  • Courts that are not reserved are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • No black soled shoes that leave marks are allowed on the racquetball courts.
  • For your safety, the Y recommends use of protective eyewear when playing racquetball.
  • Courts will be held for 15 minutes only, then opened on a first come, first served basis.

11. Game Room Guidelines

  • No food or drinks are to be placed on the tables/games.
  • Ages 9 and over may come and go as long as they act responsibly.
  • Equipment check in and out is at the service desk.

12. Drop-off Guidelines

  • Drop off Child Care is free to Fair Acres Family YMCA members.
  • Non members and other YMCA members $3 per child.
  • 2 hour Max time limit per day.
  • Child/Staff Ratio is 10-1.
  • No snacks, diapers, wipes etc. will be provided by the YMCA.
  • No toys brought from home.
  • No gum please.
  • It is at the staff’s discretion to get the parent if the child is causing problems or crying excessively and keeping the staff from doing their job in watching all the children.

13. Liability Information

  • Liability: The Fair Acres Family Y assumes no responsibility for injuries or illnesses of members and/or guests resulting from poor physical condition, observation or participation in any activity or use of the Y facilities or equipment.
  • Property Loss: The Fair Acres Family Y is not responsible for personal property lost, damaged or stolen while members and/or guests are using the facilities or participating in a Y program.
  • Photographs: The Fair Acres Family Y periodically uses photographs, film footage and/or tape recordings of members and/or guests for purposes of promoting or interpreting Y programs
  • Insurance: It is the responsibility of every Fair Acres Family Y member and/or guest to provide for their own accident and health coverage while participating in all Y activities. The Fair Acres Family Y does not provide any accident or health insurance for its participants.
  • Medical: In the event of sickness or serious injury, the Fair Acres Family Y will obtain medical attention for any member and/or guest. The member/guest will be held responsible for any expenses resulting from special medical treatment, prescriptions or hospital care.