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The roots of basketball had its origin with the YMCA. Dr. James Naismith at the YMCA’s Springfield College, IL, invented basketball in 1892. Since then the YMCA has been our nation’s largest organized basketball program each year. Many of today’s College and NBA players started in the Y. Furthermore, many of our local high school players also got their start through the Y’s program.

But, the Y’s basketball program is much more than winning and losing games. Listen to what some of our volunteer coaches and parents have said:

“The Y’s program gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my child. As a single mother I couldn’t be a room mother at school, because I had to work. However, thanks to the Y I was able to spend time with my son while at the same time helping him develop skills and be a part of a fun program.”

“I have a physically handicapped child. One of her most enjoyable experiences was the years she spent playing in the Y’s basketball program. Even though she couldn’t run and shoot like the other children, her teammates and parents always made an effort to make her feel special. She got to play as much as the other children and tried as hard as she could. We will always be grateful to the Y for this wonderful program.”

“As a successful businessman and former mayor of one of the major cities in the United States, I am frequently asked where I learned my leadership skills. I am proud to tell people that my most important leadership training came on the basketball court at the YMCA. There I learned some of life’s most important lessons, such as the value of hard work, self-discipline and teamwork. These same lessons apply to life in our world of work. Knowing how to be a good team player so that not only do I succeed, but the whole division or company succeeds as well, which in turn means a positive bottom line for the city or company. The commitment to work hard and discipline myself taught me to focus on the things and people that matter most, which has also been invaluable to me in training and coaching others to succeed in the work place. All these things and more I first learned while playing ball at the YMCA.”

Basketball is one of the important programs offered by the YMCA. Other sports include Girl’s Volleyball, Cheerleading, Flag Football, and Indoor Soccer. These programs involve hundreds of boys & girls and hundreds of volunteers – mostly parents and relatives – who serve as coaches, assistant coaches, timekeepers, scorekeepers, etc.

We are asking Carthage area businesses, organizations and individuals to assist this program by becoming a “Team Sponsor.” Sponsors help pay for team shirts and supplies to outfit a team. Team sponsors also help to cover part of costs for some gym rentals, staff time, promotion, participant and volunteer recognition awards, and other facets of the program.


  • Promote a values-oriented youth basketball program for boys and girls.
  • Teach and develop fundamental skills of basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, soccer, & football.
  • No tryouts, No Cuts. All participants, regardless of size or ability, are allowed to play at least one quarter of each game.
  • Teach sportsmanship, love of the game, safe and fair play, and enjoy physical exercise and learning to work together in a team environment.
  • Emphasis is on the four core YMCA Character Development values-
  • Caring: To love others and be sensitive to the well being of others involved in the sport.
  • Honesty: To have integrity. Make sure that one’s actions match one’s values through participation in sports.
  • Respect: To value the worth of every person, including oneself, teammates, opponents and officials.
  • Responsibility: To be accountable for one’s behavior and obligations.
  • Encourage family involvement either as players, coaches, assistants, time & scorekeeper, etc.


In a nation-wide not for profit study completed by “Public/Private Ventures,” they learned that there were 7 key developmental support and opportunity factors needed for an organization to be effective in working with youth and disadvantaged persons. Public/Private Ventures concluded that the YMCA meets all seven of the criteria, which are:

  • A sense of safety.
  • Social support from adults.
  • Volunteer and community service involvement opportunities.
  • Leadership responsibilities and learning.
  • Challenging and interesting activities.
  • A sense of belonging.
  • Input and decision-making participation.

These are part of the cornerstones of the YMCA in all that we do in our work with youth and teens. Youth Sports provides an ideal avenue to help youth feel safe; receive social support from adults; get involved in the challenging and interesting sport of basketball; feel a sense of belonging to a team; have opportunities to lead and learn responsibility; and see family members become involved as volunteers in the community through the Y.


  • First and foremost you have the satisfaction of knowing that you, your organization and/or your company are helping youth to be involved in wholesome activities vs. being out on the streets.
  • You are helping an organization – the YMCA - fulfill its mission of building strong kids, strong families & a stronger community.
  • It’s a great way to advertise. Your name will be on the shirt of each team that you sponsor which in turn will be seen by thousands of people at games, school and other places. Kids not only wear the shirt during the season, but year-around.
  • It’s a great way to advertise: Your name will be put on a sponsor banner that will be hung at our YMCAs and other facilities where games are played.
  • It’s a great way to advertise: Your name will be published in the YMCA Annual Report
  • It’s a great way to advertise: Each team will have a photo taken with your name on it.

The attached “2007 YMCA Sports Sponsorship Package” explains the different levels of sponsorship in which you and/or your company/organization can get involved.

From the hundreds of youth that participate in our basketball program, the YMCA says “thanks” for giving us the opportunity to talk to you about becoming a sponsor.

JOIN OUR TEAM! Become a YMCA Youth Sports Team Sponsor today!