• 2600 Grand Ave
  • Carthage, MO 64836
  • (417) 358-1070

How do I or will I find out about YMCA Youth Sports?
We put the information on our website, flyers are posted at our front desk, usually a feature article is published in the Carthage Press and other area newspapers, Radio PSA’s, and we distribute flyers to all area schools that allow us to do so. Or, please do not hesitate to call the YMCA at 417-358-1070 to find out information about our program.

I’ve signed up for YMCA youth sports…what do I do now?

You will be contacted by a coach following the coaches meeting. The coach will be providing you with information about your practices and game schedules.

What if my team has no coach?
If no one has volunteered to coach your team as of the coaches meeting then the YMCA will be contacting parents on your child\'s roster to recruit a coach.

Who coaches YMCA youth sports?
Most YMCA Coaches are parent volunteers who have indicated an interest in coaching their child’s team on a registration form. Some coaches are volunteers who may not have a child playing, yet would like to volunteer as a coach. Occasionally, it is necessary for the YMCA to call a team’s roster to request that a parent fill a coaching vacancy. Volunteers at the YMCA are required to complete a coaching application.

Does the YMCA take late registrations?
Registrations will continue to be accepted until children can no longer be placed on teams. Your registration will be processed and you will be contacted by a coach. If no room is available on a team you will be notified and the registration money, including the late fee will be refunded.

How are rosters created?
The YMCA uses the following procedure to create rosters:

  1. An attempt will be made to place children from the same grade and school together
  2. An attempt will be made to place children from the previous year’s roster together
  3. If necessary, children from schools in close geographical proximity will be placed together
  4. If a child is a late registration, he/she will be placed on a team that needs players and only if space allows

The philosophy of creating teams is to have kids that go to school together play ball together. The YMCA procedure for creating teams allows parents to share rides to practices and games and also provides for shorter, more convenient trips to a local practice site. Occasionally a league may be a combination of two grades. Limiting the combination to two grades is an attempt to promote safety.

Does the YMCA take requests?
The YMCA does not provide space on registrations for requests as most sports programs are placing hundreds of children on teams. If a request is made there IS NO GUARANTEE that it will be granted or even considered.

What do the program fees pay for?
The program fees pay for T-shirts, coaches shirts, sports equipment, referees, administration, & awards.

Who works in the YMCA Youth Sports Department and where is it located?
The Y’s Program Director is Kim Bay. Kim is located at the Y at 2600 S. Grand Ave. in Carthage.

When will I know about my Child’s Game Schedules?
Most YMCA youth sports games are played on Saturdays. Schedules will be published prior to the start of the season.

When will I hear or know about my Child’s Team Practices ?
Practice times are scheduled by coaches at the coaches meeting. Teams typically practice once or twice a week at a school near your home. Practice start times range from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and may be on any weekday.

Is there Training for Someone who wants to Volunteer as a Coach?
Yes. We offer a clinic to help both new and returning coaches learn how to develop skill sessions and practices. Typically the leader conducting the clinic is a coach from one of our local schools and is experienced him or herself with developing skills, organizing practices, etc. Coaches are notified ahead of time about date, time & location of clinic.

Are Sponsors Needed for YMCA Youth Sports?
Definitely. You can help support our Youth Sports program by becoming a team sponsor. Team sponsors help us keep our fees low so that the majority of families can afford to enroll their children in our program. Plus, being a team sponsor is a great way for you to advertise your business or organization. Sponsorship packets are available at the Y or on our website.


What if I can’t afford to pay the entire Registration Fee. Does the Y offer any type of Financial Assistance?
Yes. Each year Y Board members and other volunteers raise funds so that we can assist kids and families who may not otherwise be able to participate in our programs. This campaign is called “FRIENDS OF THE Y.” In order to apply for financial assistance, we require you to fill out an application form and provide us with proof of income so that we can determine the level of scholarship you will receive.